Alcohol Withdrawal in Quincy, MA

While heroin is possibly the most prominent addiction issue in Quincy Massachusetts, alcohol abuse is another big challenge for the area. Quincy is the largest city in the state, beating its immediate neighbor Boston. Having a reliable support service for alcohol withdrawal in Quincy is very important, and luckily local agencies have responded to the alcohol abuse crisis. In this article, we will examine alcohol withdrawal, its definition and investigate the dangers of withdrawing from alcohol. We will also explain why entering an alcohol rehab center is so important for the healing of an alcoholic.

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Before we look at alcohol, let's examine alcohol and drug addiction in Quincy.

Alcohol addiction is the psychological and physical dependency on alcohol. The more addicted that a person becomes to alcohol, the harder that it is to break free from it. Alcohol addiction causes considerable damage to the addict, their families, and loved ones. It can tear relationships apart and cause loss of jobs.

Alcohol withdrawal relates to the set of symptoms one suffers because of undergoing a detox. Medical detox in Quincy is the process of removing toxins from the body; alcohol itself is a toxic substance. There are lots of detox options for alcohol withdrawal in Quincy, which is good news for sufferers of alcoholism.

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Dangerous?

Alcohol withdrawal is incredibly dangerous if attempted unsupervised; in fact, after opiates, it is perhaps the most hazardous substance to withdraw from. Excessive drinking causes permanent damage to the brain, and as a result, when one attempts to stop drinking, the brain becomes overly stimulated as a result. Over time the alcohol in one's body causes a state of homeostasis, so sudden removal of it, upsets the bodies balance. As alcohol is a sedative, a body is mostly jolted into a high alert state when the alcohol is removed, and this can cause heart arrhythmias and kidney or even liver failure.

These conditions can be fatal. It is imperative that a person does NOT attempt to withdraw from alcohol at home. They are putting themselves at great harm by undergoing such a feat without professional medical intervention. Alcohol withdrawal treatment programs are there to eliminate the danger and alleviate the nasty side effects that a recovering alcohol will feel during the detox process.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are broad and varied. A regular non-addicted person can feel some symptoms after a heavy weekend of drinking in the form of nausea and headaches. The symptoms felt by a heavily addicted drinker are magnified by a thousand. They include --

  • Anxiety
  • Shaky hands and tremors (In severe cases a person can suffer delirium tremens)
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Migraines
  • Severe cases of withdrawal can include hallucinations and delusions

While withdrawing from alcohol, the addict faces a multitude of issues besides the health-related ones. So sad is the suffering, that without support the alcoholic is likely to fail and give in to their addiction. Further, they can become potentially aggressive or violent in some instances, and may harm themselves or others.

Why Should I Go Through Alcohol Withdrawal at an Alcohol Rehab Center?

Within the confines of a specialist treatment facility, a recovering alcoholic is guaranteed safety and comfort while they undergo the process of detox. Being cared for by professionals enables the patient to get the care that they deserve, and pain relief if required. Furthermore, if any complications do arise, the patient can rest assured that they have round the clock care and supervision. Undergoing alcohol withdrawal in Quincy doesn't have to impossible with such excellent support services in the area. There is a higher chance of recovering with strong support behind the patient and with the help of staff and loved ones, the prognosis is quite good.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and requires alcohol withdrawal in Quincy, call one of our helpful team today. We are professionals, with extensive experience with addiction, and we are here to provide you with confidential support and advice. Your journey will not be an easy one, but with us in your corner, it won't be a lonely one either. Call Quincy Drug Treatment Centers now for help. (617) 960-1607.

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