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Such is the growing problem of drug and alcohol addiction in Quincy that there has been a regular attendance of drug-sniffing dogs to the local high schools. This policing initiative is a necessary measure in a city that is seeing rapid growth in heroin addiction, with no signs of slowing down. Having adequate facilities for addiction treatment in Quincy is a high priority for authorities as they work to control the out of control addiction epidemic. In this article, we examine substance abuse and its meaning. We also nut out the different steps that drug and alcohol treatment programs adapt to beat addiction effectively. We will delve into some of the various treatment types so that if you are seeking addiction treatment in Quincy, you will be well prepared.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is the physical and psychological dependency on something, and for this article, we will discuss drug and alcohol drugs addiction specifically. The compulsion to take a drug or alcohol substance is complicated. Some people believe that certain character types are predisposed to addiction while others believe that addiction is a disease and can affect anyone. The way in which addiction works on the brain is quite incredible. When referring to alcohol, for example, an alcoholic's brain is changed by their addiction. Alcohol is a depressant and causes the brain to become subdued in a sense. Attempting to go cold turkey from alcohol is incredibly dangerous as it puts the brain into high alert state and causes rapid overstimulation. The fact that a substance changes the brains chemistry shows how much suffering from addiction can be a severe challenge to get over. Programs for addiction treatment are specially made for people to beat their addiction in a controlled and safe manner, and they employ the highest trained medical staff.

Are There Phases for Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment should be very organized and carefully planned when it is done in the safety of drug and alcohol treatment centers. Some phases need to be followed to ensure that the addict has covered all bases required for recovery. The different stages include:

  • Medical Detox in Quincy
  • Evaluation (assessing presence of mental health conditions for example)
  • Behavioural counseling and other holistic treatments
  • Medication (might not always be necessary, example is methadone for heroin addiction)
  • Long-term follows up and preventative treatment

Types of Treatment for Addiction

There is a diverse range of options for addiction treatment in Quincy, with such a variety that there is an option to suit every personality type and unique patient needs. Some examples include:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Holistic therapies

Inpatient rehab in Quincy is an extensive residential treatment facility, where the addict lives in for a period. Inpatient rehab is usually more suited to patients that are severely addicted as they are more likely to require round the clock care. Patients are usually provided with three daily meals and sometimes have a range of chores to perform to maintain a sense of routine and responsibility. A patient is required to undergo a very intensive assessment when they enter the facility, and this is to assess for other medical and mental health issues. The patient will then receive a highly tailored treatment plan which they work in close collaboration with.

Outpatient addiction aftercare is suitable for milder to moderate addiction sufferers. Outpatient rehab is very structured but allows the addict to have more control over their day to day life.

Holistic Recovery is a very new age treatment theory, which taps into many modernist health and well-being therapies and activities such as yoga, acupuncture, music therapy and art. The ethos behind holistic treatments is to ease the body, mind, and soul.

Suffering from addiction is very frightening. There is the worry that the person might not be able to beat their demons and relapse, and sometimes the sheer mountain of addiction therapy seems unclimbable. We are specialists in the treatment of a range of different alcohol and drug addictions, and our staff is on hand to help you with any queries that you have relating to addiction treatment in Quincy. There is no need to be afraid anymore; we want to climb the mountain with you. Call Quincy Drug Treatment Centers now for help. (617) 960-1607.

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